February 2000
X-Men trailer available now 
Visit x-men-the-movie.com Something of a stir was created at the end of last week with the sudden appearance of the long awaited trailer for the new X-Men film on US TV shows Entertainment Tonight and E! News Daily.

Judging from the reactions posted on the web, fans seem well pleased, if not to say ecstatic at what they saw.

You can judge for yourself by visiting the official X-Men trailer site at Apple and watch the Quicktime version.

The film directed by Bryan Singer, stars Stewart as Prof. X - leader of a group of mutants trying to live in peace with humans, whilst arch-enemy Magneto played by Sir Ian McKellen and his mutants are out to destroy humanity.

The X-Men are the world's most popular comic book creation from Marvel comics

Expect the forthcoming publicity and news on this film due for release on 14th July in the US, and August in the UK, to be huge!

Stewart MC's Windows launch..and on to cyberspace
  Keeping up with 21st century technology seems to be part of Patrick's remit these days.

Today he's in San Francisco, as the MC at the launch of Microsoft's new Windows 2000 software. There's plenty of hullabaloo and links to a live webcast of the launch at Microsoft's Windows 2000 site.

Later in the month, on the 29th Feb. Patrick will be in attendance at the Hollywood premiere of the first global web-based animation series titled 'The 7th Portal' an X-Men of the 21st century story by creator Stan Lee.

Read more about the event at the Business Wire article

Screen Actors Guild Awards 
SAG Awards Patrick is amongst a distinguished list of nominees for the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries being presented as part of the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday March 12th at the LA Shrine Exposition Center.

The nomination is for his role as Ebenezer Scrooge in last December's TNT production of A Christmas Carol

The SAG awards are broadcast live on TNT @ 8 pm (ET/PT) on Sunday March 12th.

This should be the first of several award nominations Patrick receives for this role....keep your fingers crossed for the result!

Stewart narrates Natalie Cole Special
Visit TV Now Amongst the many chances to see and hear Patrick on US TV this month, is a programme about singer Natalie Cole which Stewart narrates.

The show airs tomorrow, Friday 4th Feb @ 7 pm on Lifetime.

For dates and times of films and shows featuring Stewart on US TV this month, visit TV Now.com

Thanks to Karen Rourk for the info.